Do you know how to attract exceptional new graduates to join your veterinary practice?  In this episode, Dr. Julie Reck, owner and founder of Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill in South Carolina, speaks with special guest Edna May Seymour. Ms. Seymour is a third year veterinary student who offers insight into the type of position and practice she is hoping to join after graduation and how she plans to navigate her upcoming job search.  

Ms. Seymour shares her career aspirations as well as her concerns about joining the veterinary workforce.  She discusses how she and her peers are preparing to network and apply for careers in veterinary medicine. In addition, she offers advice for how practice owners can partner with vet schools to share internship, externship, or future job opportunities.  

For our Aspire members, you’ll find bonus podcast content at  In this “After the Episode,” Randy and Dr. Reck offer advice for how practice owners can best connect with and market their hospitals to new graduates.

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Healthy Practice Podcast
Episode 37: The View from Vet School